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Customer Service Specialist

Apprenticeships we deliver

The Customer Service Specialist apprenticeship is designed for individuals who are passionate about delivering exceptional customer experiences. This apprenticeship equips participants with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in customer-facing roles across various industries.

Who is it for?

The apprenticeship course provides a comprehensive foundation in customer relationship management, effective communication, problem-solving, product and service knowledge, and optionally, sales techniques. It is suited for anyone eager to excel in customer-centric roles across various industries such as retail, hospitality, healthcare, finance, and more.

Employer Commitment:

An employer must be prepared to provide the learner with the opportunity to carry out work and be part of projects which will enable the learner to produce substantial evidence towards their qualification. In order to ensure the successful progression of the learner we request that employers participate in joint reviews of the learner’s progress at regular intervals throughout the apprenticeship. This ensures continued and positive progress through the apprenticeship. It will also provide the opportunity to discuss and agree on how any issues are to be resolved and how additional stretching and challenging activities can be built in.

Course Duration:

The apprenticeship will take typically 15 months to complete depending on experience.


You must achieve level 2 English and maths prior to taking the end point assessment.


Once the apprentice has completed all the required elements of the apprenticeship and their manager and Trainer Assessor agree that they are ready for the end-point assessment, they will progress through the Gateway to undertake their End Point Assessment.

Before progressing to the end-point assessment, apprentices must have: Achieved level 2 English and maths Functional Skills or GCSE grade 4-9/A*-C qualifications.

End Point Assessment

  • • Assessment method 1:
  •   Practical observation with Q&As

  • • Assessment method 2:
  •   Work based project, supported by an interview.

  • • Assessment method 3:
  •   Professional discussion supported by portfolio evidence.

The Customer Service Specialist Level 3 :

The Knowledge and Skills element of the course will include:

The Knowledge element of the course will include::

  • • Business Knowledge and Understanding
  • • Customer Journey knowledge
  • • Knowing your customers and their needs/ Customer Insight
  • • Customer service culture and environment awareness

The Skills element of the course will include::


  • • Develop self
  • • Ownership/ Responsibility
  • • Team working
  • • Equality
  • • Presentation

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